Episode #26022 - Beautiful Liar

You know what?!?!? I'M GOING TO BED!!!

Episode #26021 - Beautiful Liar

Wow!! Look at the hand of God all over her in that "after" pic!! Goodness!

Episode #26020 - Beautiful Liar

She looks a mess in the "after"...

Episode #26019 - Beautiful Liar

Wait is this the same woman?!?! *adjusts glasses*

Episode #26018 - Prom

I hope they decided to do this impromptu #AlternativePhotoshoot on their way to the condom aisle cuz otherwise...

Episode #26017 - Prom

I hate this whole I'mma go ball after prom look.. sheesh..

Episode #26016 - We Got Cake


Episode #26015 - Daddy Dearest

Lil PF Changs straight chilling...

Episode #26014 - Candid Cam

Ma'am..your azz is showing. Lil Trevor bet not turn around or he gone be traumatized..

Episode #26013 - Whose Sons Are These

ALEJANDRO AND HIS FRIENDS OUT HERE FOOLING!! That lanky one y'all... *shew*