Episode #26027 - Fashion FAIL

I thought this heffa was out here naked.. *shew*

Episode #26026 - Bird Logic


Episode #26025 - They Tried It

Why the brothers gotta be gawking at #Becky though?!?! O_O

Episode #26024 - Tatted Up

I'm not understanding the logic behind these type of tats..

Episode #26023 - Name That City

They all got on house shoes though.. I can't!

Episode #26022 - Beautiful Liar

You know what?!?!? I'M GOING TO BED!!!

Episode #26021 - Beautiful Liar

Wow!! Look at the hand of God all over her in that "after" pic!! Goodness!

Episode #26020 - Beautiful Liar

She looks a mess in the "after"...

Episode #26019 - Beautiful Liar

Wait is this the same woman?!?! *adjusts glasses*

Episode #26018 - Prom

I hope they decided to do this impromptu #AlternativePhotoshoot on their way to the condom aisle cuz otherwise...