Episode #25964 - Shots Fired

Oop. Niggas don't wanna see you succeed on social media...

Episode #25963 - Whose Son Is This?

Who raised these fools?!?!? Social media stay putting these clowns on front street.

Episode #25962 - Self Hate Is A Disease


Episode #25961 - CUNT

Y'all play too much!

Episode #25960 - Say What?!?!?

FOR. THE. WIN!!!!!!!!!! HA!

Episode #25959 - Model Material


Episode #25958 - Hella Hood

The purpose of this is what exactly?!?!?!

Episode #25957 - She'd Be Cute If

Episode #25956 - Name That City

Dade County, FL

Episode #25955 - Caption This

If we don't know how to do shyt else, we know how to booty toot! Help me and Caption This please..