Episode #25905 - Prom

There's no way in hell they wouldda let her into my prom... times are a' changing cuz this is just...

Episode #25904 - Daddy Dearest


Episode #25903 - Turn Down For What?

Her friend ain't shyt for taking this pic! How many times I gotta tell y'all that devil water will fck you all the way up!

Episode #25902 - Seems Legit


Episode #25901 - The Struggle

It's hard outchea!

Episode #25900 - Tatted Up

I wonder what that says.. -_-

Episode #25899 - Whose Boo Is This?!?!?!

...and why is he taking this pic?!?!

Episode #25898 - This Can't Be Life

BRUH!!! I damn sure hope he ain't on the front lines going to battle in them leant over azz boots! How he do drills and stuff?!? I need answers...

Episode #25897 - There's A Man In There

Why he playin?!?!

Episode #25896 - Whose Daughter Is This?!?!?

Little girl lost! SMH...